Twin Turbo Dodge Challenger is Gorgeous!

In this video we have a twin turbo dodge challenger driven by Dylan Wells and owned by his dad Mr. Wells. The twin turbo challenger is a big tire car which dylan was racing in the local eight race hosted by Farmtruck & Azn. Dylan went to the finals and won five thousand dollars in the local eight race from yesterday’s video. Dylan eventually lost in the bonus round against boostedgt but hopped in the big tire car and gave it a try. The car is recently built and Mr. Wells brought it out just to see how well the car would run. With little to no passes on the car it would be hard to get it to run on a no prep surface well. But, the challenger entered the outlaw big tire class and faced off against Adam Jennings in the blown camaro known as the dark horse. The challenger would have his hands full but it was a good race. Check out our social medias for more no prep action we cover below:


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