Twin Turbo Camaro Testing on the Streets!! Finally Going in the Right Direction!

After fixing up the charge pipe issue we hit the streets for some hood rat testing…

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  1. Great to see the progress Matt! The struggle will be totally worth once you start winning some races. I haven’t been commenting but, I’ve watched and shared every video. Thanks for letting us be a part of your progress.

  2. don't be a da dawg hairspray really thats the stupidest shit i ever heard….when you make big boost you need bigger bevels … i said you need to weld a cple bigger bevels so it can't blow hose clamp over those factory bevels….bre smart don't lose a race for cash relying on hairspray dude…..geeezzzzzz

  3. anotheer thing matt you got to keep those burn outs straight other wise you never going to hook up….just spin like you did got to stay in the hot rubber which you didn't…..your pre=stage needs alot of work

  4. Baby steps is the best way to learn i've seen a lot of people come to the race spot we've been running at for 40 years that's never been there and lose control of their cars/trucks.
    Just last year a guy ( track racer ) came out to the spot in his S10 and rolled it luckily he didn't get hurt and no one else was running him.

  5. ooooook Jerry
    show us wat ya got lol thats wat i said ooo BEVEL WERE R YOU lol you do you its gonna get fast real quick oooops to much gravy in the navy spicy

  6. You should go into detail about the ecu tune. Like boost ramp or timing pull at the hit. That's what makes a car work or not!

  7. How old are your tires because once you do a burnout with them the clock stats running and if they are too old they get hard and lose their stickiness

  8. Matt be the guy who finds an indoor venue to drag race indoors in winter I'd havd to be an old warehouse or factory maybe in detroit Michigan area imagine an all year round indoor track with a roof and ventilation and fresh surface no rain delays no cancelations if you could find a spot and sell the dream to investors make the racing only 1/8 mile so the tracks not so long I'd be a miracle to find such a place 😀 😉 👍

  9. Yeah it all takes time & now you know where your at with the rear end it'll come together sooner than you think. I'm not telling you anything new, I'm just happy for you bro. I've been watching for several years now & it's good to see you relaxed & absorbing any lessons to be learnt. Thanks to your helpers/crew also. Tough watching you do it on your own, it made me wanna jump on a plane to come help. Good things come to good people Matt, keep it up…

  10. End game Nova is supposed to be street. That 496 in it built right will run 9.90’s all day . In the 70’s my dad and his friends were before the LS even existed. Think old new cool. Can’t wait to meet you. The Camaro was looking good on the last pass. Glad your doing it a little at a time. To many bad wrecks going on. Safety first!!!! Looking good. Easy on my Nova I like it like I do you.

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