Toughest Monster Truck Tour. Monster truck racing 2022. Lamar, MO. 7-22-2022

Toughest Monster Truck Tour racing at the Lamar MO stomping grounds. -Friday night show. 7-22-2022. Full monster truck racing bracket. TailGator was unable to race the final because of a brake problem.
Tailgator – Tim Jones
Bigfoot – Darron Schnell
Dirt Crew – Jerry Beck
Dozer – Larry Swim
BOSS Gator – Austin Tweedy
Monster Patrol – Kasey Kromschroeder
Barbarian – Devin Jones
Bad Decision – Alec White
00:00 Round One
03:52 Semi Finals
05:39 Finals


  1. Awesome show and the track was as well. Darron is getting use to #21, but the truck needs white wheels. The red and black just doesn’t look good with that body.

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