Thursday Night Live! Driveshaft Loop, welding, and roasting…


  1. OMG was the Winston racing poster on the ceiling?? have not seen one of those in years , You mention the Shiners movie, it was that movie that turned me on to you guys,American ride was cool as well, and the other one with Molly and the Camaro, Good stuff!!! I am not a street racer, but love you guys and your dad and Billys stuff as well!!

  2. Watch the new video that Steve Morris just posted about BBC oil problem and how to troubleshoot and fix the oil pressure issue on the Mullet Engine. It’s a good watch

  3. i had to start smoking (the lords all natural pain relief herb,weed) for server arthritis and other pains. i was raised that it was a very bad thing to do and it leads to other worse things, WOW was they wrong.

  4. Allison is one sweet potato! And I mean that sincerely. Your looking good girl, I wish you were my girlfriend. Do Not Under estimate your self. There's a reason Tommy's with you. You go girl can't wait to see you race.

  5. I really like watching y'all BUt I just don't have the hr or plus to watch at one time . I personally would rather see several 30-45 min video's than 1 over a hr long
    like I said I really like and enjoy your videos

  6. Your Dad is the old man. I’m the Older Man. 70 and going strong. Started dealing with Jegs when he sold parts from his home. I was 14 when I first met him. I follow all of you guys on a daily basis. You two stay strong and Blessed.

  7. Tommy i'm deeply sorry for asking this of you guys, but are you and your family racist towards people of color?? Reason i ask is because recently someone on social media had claimed your family has an issue with people of color… So i wanted to bring it to y'alls attention before it got worse…. Again i deeply apologise for asking this, but i wanted to make sure what's being said ain't true… Thank you for the content and fun time and God bless….

  8. The oil pressure issue is a bearing clearance problem, check out Cletus video he had the same problem with his big block or check out Steve Morris video he built the engine for cletus

  9. Mullet runs on pump gas till it make 2 pounds of boost on the race tune then it switches to race fuel he said it is set up through the Holley so you don’t have to drain the tank it just swaps it in the ecu good luck

  10. Cleetus posted a video the other day and they were having oil pressure problems with mullet, they said they forgot to put restricters in the oil feed for the turbos

  11. Cuda ant no fkn grandpa car! Cuda is tougher than a charger. FUCK outta her tigg! An 69 fastback Is the bezz nezz! Gotta go 70 split bumper rally sport!

  12. Hey I was all happy and watching your stream until the moment happened that screwed my night up and it has nothing to do with u guys it was my son who is 19 and he said hey shouldn’t u be watch both your dad’s channel (not that they watch anything about cars) what he ment was I am an old man to and until tonight I never thought about it but yes i am 43 he reminded me but then my answer as you are always young when playing with hot rods 😂

  13. Hey just throwing this out thare but as far as I know no one has ever made a good movie or documentary about the history of street racing in local area’s like in Ohio or Philly for example like they make for nascar I think If u guys made something like that it would be awesome

  14. You two putting in the work is a real treat to see! Most young people these days don't want to get dirty, keep up the hard work and you'll love your ride even more when you drive it!

  15. She definitely needs to loose the loose rag apron and use leather welding apron that's a bad accident waiting to happen just saying come on Tommy you going to let her get hurt really bad.

  16. That money is stressing you out Tommy . It’s your money do what you want with it brother don’t let everyone tell you what to do with it ! The check will have your name on it no one else’s

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