Three Peat at Beechbend Raceway NPK #6

Three Peat At Beechbend Raceway. Street Outlaws NPK Season 5 Race #6 June 3-4 2022.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Is Steve programming the car every weekend? I know Ryan is Awsome but seems like Steve P. is always involved when someone’s car is running great.

  2. You Definitely are the best out their. Most respected driver I've ever seen . Heads up guy. And your team you got is top notch. Way to go Ryan. Excellence as usual.

  3. Ryan is a fast or faster than anyone to the 60' and he pulls on most everyone on the big end. Tough to beat unless the reduce the weight requirement on turbo cars. Congrats on the hat trick Ryan!

  4. So was it the tracks in those races you were getting loose up top? Because you have that camaro driving on rails now. Looks effortless to drive

  5. Congrats. You are now only the second person to win three No Prep point races in a row. This is the second time you won three in a row but that was the "qualifying" 1st event that paid no points. Well done. You guys put in the work to EARN those wins. Again Congrats!

  6. I remember first seeing Ryan on a show where the first to 3 wins against another driver gets bragging rights and he put a fireball sticker on thier car. It's a blur but I have to look for it.

  7. Isn’t chuck supposed to be on house arrest?
    A 3peat barely. Pays for a new motor setup. This is definitely something you do cause you love it, not to make money in it!

  8. Good to see you've gone back to closing your visor when making passes. Don’t try to hard to win the championship again this season because they will make up rules to try and kerb the fireball crew on continuing to do another excellent job this NPK series

  9. Wait till he starts lean popping it’s not gonna be cheaper on parts then as it will happen, first lean pop he’s gonna wish he was still running a pro charger setup it mess’s up the heads intake and sometimes the blower itself as well kid made a bad move and they need to stop throwing races to him ppl are leaving NPK ( 6 drivers left between last weeks race and this weeks race ) because of him being jumped up the way he is and the great 8 you all picked up 6 new drivers this week to fill your 32 car roster, I know you own a shop why don’t you up the compression on that pro line to squeeze some more HP out of it doesn’t look like pilgrim is gonna let you win a 3rd year in a row especially if your running one of there ECU’s lol like Swanstrom is there’s a remote kill switch on most cars that pilgrim can activate whenever they want like when Swanstrom’s and the other guys engine cut out at exactly the same time last race and they coated through how do you think that happened awfully odd they would both shutdown right around the 330’ and exactly at the same time, you outran him by a whole car or more and you guys left side by side

  10. Hardest working guy in outlaw no prep! Obviously it pays off. Congratulations man! My boy just was wearing ur shirt yesterday from when we got it 3 years ago in Juliette and he got to meet you! Ur a cool guy and that's why we've always been fans and supporters of your entire team

  11. That's what I love to see you let go of that button don't hardly have to touch the steering wheel straight shot to the finish great job fireball crew

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