They kicked us out, again.

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  1. This is a pretty consistent issue at Vegas. The track is very poorly managed which is why I stopped racing there or attending any events there.

  2. Amelia.. Beautiful soul.. So sad that you have not been around.. Please don't be Hollywood.. Bring back you.. I feel that some joy has been removed from your everyday grind and love to the car community..

  3. sounds like the organisers are mongrels I wonder why you are giving them coverage and continuing. they obviously know the value in you running.

  4. Hatte to say it, but it sure seems like this track is run by misogynists. I don't think they want a woman showing up men. Good for you exposing it on your platform. You have more reach through social media than they do. They cater to their same old crowd, and it looks like they need to update their attitude. Meanwhile, keep kicking ass. You have a strong following.

  5. Sounds like you got “good ol boyed”. Happens all the time in private facilities of all kinds. And your not on in there club.

  6. Saaaaame shit as every other time at the track. It's obviously a useless run right off the line and/or around 300 feet due to mechanical issue and/or driver error & rather than just cruise the next 1000+ feet then turn around and make another stab at it, for some reason banging gears and breaking shit seems like a better idea? A for effort, but F when it comes to decision making on your feet to make a mature decision. If you're there to gather data, and there's a point during the run where the data wont be valid due to XXX reason, why keep going? All the runs the Vet has made at WOT while it's down numerous cylinders, misfiring down the track… then wonder why its been pulled 5 times? smh & fwiw I'm not hatin, I'm just providing some constructive criticism. I wanna see y'all succeed! 👍

  7. You need a dragstrip mentor. Someone with some legit track time under their belt that you trust and respect. Someone who can give you some insight and feedback before, during, and after events.

  8. What you have witnessed was an old fuqr that made a blunder and wouldn't own up to it…LV officials are stodgy and stubborn… they don't like "kids" that are doing all of the things that they can't do anymore… not saying anything about older guys cuz I are one 😆… I don't begrudge the younger crowd because I used to be one…stick to your guns…if they tell you that you can't drive, tell them to be specific about the reason…if they don't give you a straight answer, go to the sanctioning body explain… always film altercations when you can… good luck…

  9. Definitely something going on with the track officials/owners. First they tried to lie and say you didn't turn in your time. When you had proof they were lying about that it forced them to just D.Q. you with no viable reason why. Unless there was a "we(the owners of the track/officials) reserve the right to D.Q. anyone for any reason…. Then what they did might be against NHRA rules

  10. Glad you were still able to have fun, though I hear lots of people have had trouble with LS Fest. Probably good enough reason to pass on it next year. Keep up the great content!

  11. You shouldn't have filmed the drama and tried airing out bad energy in a world where shit like that is ruining people's real life

  12. I think it’s time for emelia to have her own race track and/or drag strip in so cal? Not sure if it would be the 1st woman owned, but I’m sure you can make it happen to keep things fair. 😀👍

  13. You keep rock in it with your positivity Girl! Girl Your rock in it well keeping it fun & enjoying yourself! Once you lose the excitement and the fun it all dont go over to the darkside us the force Girl! Much Love too yea may you prosperous in all your adventures!

  14. Hey Emelia – find a race class (see rule books for mods to cars that are allowed) stick with for a while become regular there are always rules and can be strict at times … my guess would be turbos out of hood no hood etc. 10s no big deal faster classes are ?

  15. This is the first time I watched your video but when you did the Nord vpn spot with your talking hands it might be the last video .

  16. Dear Guy In Blue Car @ the drag race, the energy and time your car spent lifting that front wheel three feet in the air was time and energy WASTED not propelling the car FORWARD. …just sayin’. Fix yer shit.

  17. Bad track owner.
    He gets rid of YouTubers when they start winning or showing up professional teams- they’ve done this quite a few years in a row. LS Fest needs to change where they go.

  18. Fans of YouTubers need to take to social media and announce their disappointment in Las Vegas track owners and Holley, for allowing this bullshit to keep happening to YouTubers

  19. All your insurance companies are probably gonna start dropping you soon they know what your gonna do with the car when you get i your too big of a risk to insure being on a TV show about built vs. bought drag racing didn’t help either

  20. Seems like other “old timers” don’t like getting beat or newbies taking over there competition, many others have had issues for no reason or sudden rule changes

  21. Good racing, but I can't get over how ugly your c8 is. Nothing against the c8, it's a beautiful car but the white and orange is probably the ugliest color combo I have ever seen. Hope you break some racing records! But maybe with a different color combo 😅

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