The WORST part of a project. ((1977 Datstun 620.))


We are getting closer to the end of this build and this leads us to the worst part. Figuring out all the odd and end stuff! Hey, progress is progress!


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  1. smart waiting on moving into new shop till you have a house there gives plenty of time to workout how you want the place setup, enjoy the time with the little ones you blink and then their adults how that happens I have no idea, as always love the content your videos inspire me to hurry up and finish my own projects

  2. I’m just over here patiently waiting on the some day model A and when you get moved into the new shop we’ll get to see the peace’s come together 😎😜😋🤪

  3. Your build genre is not my style. I'm more into performance/go fast builds but i really enjoy your video's. I love watching the fab work and your personality/humor always entertain me. Congrats on the shop, you're living my dream.

  4. Puddin if you ever find a Grumman LLV USPS mail truck for sale, would consider adding it to the box truck mafia? I know it's doesn't have the U-haul box, but has similar personality. I think it would be really cool and unique to see a Pott County mail truck doing a buck twenty down the Oklahoma roads. I know you have lots of projects in the works, but just an idea if you ever see one for the right price. Love the videos and am glad you had a fun trip!

  5. I remember the 2nd Annual Car Show when you made the trophy last year! Support the Cheerleaders! Yes! Oh there is a movie that is out that reminded me of you. It's called Paws of Fury. Main character is Jimbo and he says: "What the mother father cocker spaniel is going on over here." Welcome back from vacation and I always enjoy your videos and merchandise!

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