The Weld Wheels Grand Tour!!

Team Fireball tours the Weld Wheel facility in Kansas City Missouri.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Hopefully my dream of being able to watch y’all race on the street will come true being from the 405 and a fan from even before the show seeing some of y’all racing at Thunder Valley and seeing Chief and Shawn around Mustang would be a dream come true to be someone plus one at a race night!!! Js lol #405ForLife #MoronNation

  2. Thanks Ryan and the Fireball team for showing us this and the guys at Weld wheels, as someone who’s owned a few sets of Welds swear by them, and still currently run a set, so to see the manufacturing side was pretty cool, and enjoyed watching πŸ‘πŸΌ

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