THE REAL COST OF A LIGHTWEIGHT SMALL TIRE ROLLER!!! – 25.5 Foxbody Mustang Street Car… Race Car!?!

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So what does a roller like this really cost to build… or buy???

Feel free to ask away in the comments! I’m always active and answering the questions.

Stay tuned as I dive into the work required to build and maintain the cars I create from this 2-Car garage. Future projects will include fab work and welding, general welder setup and tutorials, chassis work, weight reduction, suspension plotting and setup, wiring, tuning, boost controller setup, power management, racing videos, ice cream cruises, etc.

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  1. Im gonna say the guy was asking 60k, and you got it for 50k. Even though it costs 100k to build it, doesn't mean you'll get 100k after its been used so I feel like this is a good, "used" price.

  2. Very well said to be compétitif and have a fun race car are very expensive, even now with part price going up be ready to do some work yourself.

  3. Pretty accurate. The build we're doing is mostly DIY and our current estimate is around $50K without a drivetrain. And that's probably low.

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