The Next Driver To Quit Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 333

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  1. There u go they're not Race Masters simple reason is Discovery is picking all those cars like Big Chief was saying Basically they're just flaggers krazy….

  2. The Brown County track sits in a valley , so with all the rain we have had in Indiana , I would say they have a mud pit down there.

  3. This series is done they’ve perverted racing to the point where it’s not really even racing anymore they change a perfect light from .000 to I’m pretty sure .020 which is total BS there making it where real race era can’t race with them there was a big blow up over the light there may not have been a race NoS with the great 8 there’s no chance or point to go if your not in the top 8 if your in a slow car your likely gonna lose dude almost every time you gotta be able to run with the big dogs or get off the porch your chance is better at a smaller race with a slow car, I’ll be glad when these shows are over we can’t build a damn race car anymore from a junkyard or old car anymore without getting fined because of these idiots you gotta build a full tube chassis car to run anything higher than street class, your gonna see ppl leave racing all together racing is super super expensive kid we had a saying at the track that we should quit racing and become a drug addict cause it would be cheaper you don’t realize how much money all this all costs kids I was making about $30-40k a month in my hay day of professional racing and my family was F$&@ing broke all the money on traveling, fixing the car having spare motors parts etc.. race fuel which wasn’t cheap was like $5 a gallon when gas was $0.87 we went through 30+ gallons a night we took 4 10 gallon race jugs to the track it’s expensive kid you have no idea especially back in the years between 1960’s through the 90’s parts were 10-20x what parts cost now like a $3000 chassis kit in my day was $30,000, a block for a car was $250,000 ( just a block not a crate motor no crank pistons etc.. just a plain block ) in my day we had more money in our motors than these guys have in there whole damn car a motor when finished could cost between $300-500k

  4. I think you are putting to much effort in following big chief I mean there's not much information to talk about that chief don't put out himself I truly think that if chief doesn't get on another show on TV that people are going to lose interest in following him and I know that sounds bad but it's true

  5. Well for one person. I never liked the other shows like , J J the Boss and his Memphis crowd. And didn't watch it , or the girls. And I'm stopping watching street outlaws I guess of now. I think Shaun is a joke anymore. I miss the show with Cheif.

  6. They won’t return to street outlaws my man because of the hatred the 405 has towards them man lol 😂. The whole 405 team rides Ryan Martins nuts man like they legit do man and the drama they make and rule changes they give to let Ryan Martin always win is crazy.
    It was just proven on this weeks show of Americas List man, all of a sudden Ryan Martin didn’t have to race down but at the beginning of the season, Sean and all them agreed to if you loose a race you have to race the person behind you if you’ve lost.

    But on this weeks episode Ryan came out and said he could call Bobby out because 3 and 4 had to race. So what I don’t understand, why didn’t they have 3 and 4 race then the winner had to race Ryan Martin?
    Ryan Martin was butt hurt and his ego was hurt when he lost to Bobby. I mean follow the rules you set, Ryan should race down that’s the rule. But like I said the whole 405 CREW rides Ryan Martins nuts and change the rules to allow him to get what he wants.
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHY BIG CHIEF AND JACKIE LEFT! They saw the bull crap that was going on

  7. And the funny thing is Ryan Martins EGO has gotten so big it’s crazy lol 😂. Big Chief has a winning record against him too on the streets lol 😂 all I have to say is if you dump $150k on a motor to run on the streets and your not number 1 your a joke lol 😆 that’s what Ryan does

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