The End of Americas List!

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  1. Hey sim I have Ryan kye lutz jj axman but I have to give jj and kye for having wrecked cars 1 got put back together and the other had to bring his npk car get a motor from lizzy and be in the top 5 and props to axman I believe he has advanced the most as always keep up the awesome work sim let's go ttve πŸ’ͺ πŸ’―

  2. Bn number 1 during the season not worth it cus u dont get to race alot. Especially simce changing the rule. Bobby went what 2 weeks without racing n then lost. Theu need to figure something out or come up with a new show. Americas list is so boring. I am a die hard street outlaw guy. I havent missed 1 show out of all of them 405 nola memphis. But this america list is killing me. I dvr it and just skip to the races that means something

  3. When did you make this video? Bro Ryan is number one right now? Your so wrong about damn near every spot, it’s Ryan, jj, Jeff lutz, Bobby, axman. As of right now, today, going into final week, no clue what the hell your talking about

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