The CAMPER TRAILER is nearly complete!! Finish Welding & Paint

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This episode marks a turning point on the build, we are so close now to finishing the camp trailer!! Finishing the paint and fabrication is a really great feeling and the progress we have made over the past few episodes is insane!! hope you guys are still enjoying the build, look forward to the next one!

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  1. Great work mate loving the episodes! Maybe for your water set up see if you can get a submersible 12 volt pump to go into the Jerry can? And plug in at the end f the camper and then you could swap over easily when empty 😁 just a thought
    Keep the videos coming brother

  2. Hey bro loving the content… look up portable 12v jerry cans on YouTube you can rig up a little pump and have it attached to a hose to pump out water super simple or you can make it even easier and buy a “12v shower pump” that will go Inside a jerry can and you can just switch them between Jerry’s

  3. Been loving the trailer build series mate, such an epic job! I think the olive jerry cans actually set it off nice instead of all black too. Look forward to watching a few trips away in it and see how it evolves! Keep up the good work!

  4. For the water system link all the tubs and run a small 12v pump with a push button switch at the rear and run a line to the rear for the kitchen 👌🏼

  5. Looking mint bud. Whats the plan with tow hitch? Not sure if I missed that plan?
    With the water jerrys you could possibly link 2 with a hose, stick a 12v pump and feed hose to the back the trailer and keep 1 jerry easy to pull out for grey water or water for diesel if he comes out with you guys?

  6. Depending what state you’re in you might not want to show that gel blaster.
    Someone might have a cry abs report it.

  7. Personally I think the spare will bounce up and down and break it over time (front to back). I would have gone with two bits of tube for the wheel to sit on with a ratchet strap over the top. But it will last years as is anyway.

  8. There are a few USB chargable water solutions for a tap or even a shower. you could look into some of those, or 3d print a cap with a hole so you can drop a suction pipe into the can and have the tap at the back.

  9. In north amarica, many people use a length of 4" pvc pipe sealed at both ends, with fittings for air in and water in/out. Fill with water and pressurize to 5-10 psi. Or bar equivalent. Mount it under trailer up out of the way with only the fittings end exposed for recharging of water. Add water lines to where you need/want them.

  10. Trailers looks sick. As for the water tank I run a submerged 12lpm seaflo pump with a brass 15mm tank outlet and lockable tap about 3/4 of the way up the side of the Jerry absolutely perfect and all done on the cheap

  11. maybe just use hoses and custom extend each tank feed from the lid . then run hose down to the rear with inline
    pump coz gas bottle at rear . yeah good work looks good !

  12. Make a custom lid that goes on the jerry can that has a line and a tape on it and have a hose quick connector and then just put the jerry can upside down when u want water.👌

  13. Stoked to find your channel – I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while and came across your video by chance so I’ll be watching your whole series, great work 👍

  14. Customize the Jerry can holder on the side where the bung is, chop the T bracing on the bung side and add a hinge with lock. Then you can open and slide the can in with tap installed.

  15. Another great video! As for the water system I’d add a electric pump with a tap at the rear. You could add a garden fitting to the inlet of the pump at the front so all you have to do is plug in a hose and put it in the mouth of the jerry can

  16. For my (budget) water system in a similar style of jerry can holder, I used a hand-pump tap from a caravan, connected up using food safe hose and brass fittings to a female coupler screwed and silicone'd into the cap of the jerry can with hose running down to its bottom. It makes for mess free filling using a hose too and I made a stopper for the coupler using a tap connector filled with silicone.

  17. Nicely done. As for the water system, what about running a hose in through the cap(maybe buy spare caps to do it?) And just a small electric pump. Could even run a pipe back so you could get water at the back without moving the cans

  18. hey man, have you found any negatives about the front auto locker you installed? Also, love the videos man! Keep up the great work.

  19. Dude I think you spent to much on those fancy tyres, I mean you're just dragging it along behind you ,obviously if you're going off road you want a nice thick tread I surppose but I would just use regular off road tyres, nothing fancy ,hey but it's your money,

  20. Been watching or a while some great ideas used for your build be nice to know what the total weight will be as a ready to go with water food etc what are your tyre pressures at the moment as with my continuing M416 trailer build had to drop my pressures down to 25 psi to get an even wear across the tread from my trucks 36 psi which is what I originally run keep the good work and videos going and waiting to see your truck and trailer used in anger out on the tracks

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