The 55 Is Home…But Troubles on the First Fire Up!

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Bringing the 55 home from body and paint…Troubles with first start up!

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  1. I can’t stand jj da dummy, it ruins it for most! Chase is a race, isn’t a race! Run what you bring, without someone cheating by leaving early! Love y’all!

  2. Can ANYONE PLEASE EXPLAIN the 2 different END GAME Episode 1's that are floating around??? I pay for discovery plus and did not see the into episode with the 5 of you explaining the season…. The Ryan Martin Project made no sense after the END GAME Episode 1 I saw on YouTube.. Thanks and you're always kicking ass.

  3. This is the Car I dreamed of as the proud, 19 yr old, owner of a 55, 210. It was a bone stock. 265, 2bbl. automatic. But everything had been rebuilt, front to back. It was in primer, but straight. So me and my buddy broke out the Compressor and house painting sprayer and shot it with sealer and Flat Black. It looked great after I got those Corvette Rally Rims and Red Lines on it. Got some cheap headers and ran out to Thrush Glass packs and straight pipes out the back(Pre Catastrophic Perverter days). But I am still in love with all but one aspect of your car. I paid $150 for the car. About the same for the Tires and rims. $180 for the exhaust system. So I had about $500 bucks into a classy ride, (This was circa 1969) that everyone in town knew. I drove it for about 2 years, and I miss it to this day. Can't wait to see yours run.

  4. Ripped the midwest sticker off immediately 😂😂 your dad knocked that paint out of the park! Found out last year my dad has AML leukemia, even though we are still fighting it i hope and think every single day I wish we could do a build like this together.

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