The 405 Is Going Only Small Tire?!

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  1. SMALL TIRE RULES…!!!!!!!! i said this…watch it up close…The small tire stuff is waaaaay harder and way more science. yeah beater , Kendal Goin, K.C. Max, Billy.tommy, Brandon Mork, Blake Nealey, Justin Wheeler, Trap Grand Ma. Schoolboy, AND Chase G Wilson,,,kidding kidding

  2. Interesting concept…take something Memphis did for a season a few years back and rebrand it as "OKC".

    As big of a fan as I am, I see that the Street Outlaws concept has jumped the shark and will be kaput in a season or two.

  3. Seems like the name means more than just a show it maybe the end of the 405 show period and only have npk and America’s list? Who knows chief left for more than one reason I believe

  4. The one question I have is how many big tire cars do you see getting street use? Small tire reaches out to more people I would think as most people are trying to do thing as cheap as possible. Look at guys like turbo John, SRC, ect ect. Not many people are willing to morgage a house for a race car🤷. Makes sense to me that pilgrim will cash in on the small tire no prep/real street scene not on a closed road with permits ect ect while it is a true street it's not really true street racing. Just my opinion on things👍👍

  5. Pilgrim and Discovery have turned this whole thing into a total circus. The shows just have nothing to do with real street racing. It’s either track racing or the Hustling Hillbilly’s Chase BS.

  6. Dave said in a live stream he did recently the 405 show is going small tire. Dave is building a monte carlo, chuck is building a car as well. They talked with the producer, an said they have talked with alot of fans about how the big tire cars, aren't relatable to the public anymore. So they are all building new small tire cars, it will be all new cars they race. That's from what dave said, an hearing what Shawn said, seems that's the deal for the 405 show next season they film anyways.

  7. Look at the other shows on discovery channel… They are building a franchise out of the original 405 show with all sorts of racing for all sorts of fans.Look at all the different Gold Rush shows, look at all the different Deadliest Catch shows…

  8. I enjoy small tire racing a lot!
    It’s very competitive! Give it a chance! The small tire scene is Huge across the country!

  9. More rules from Pilgrim. Takes away from the original show. Bring what you got. Now the racing is real. But not the street racing is not anymore.

  10. Switching to small tires is more relatable for ppl, they can still list race except on small tires but have a lot more out of town races, small tire racing is huge right now, big cheif and Jackie tried to enter caddy jack in dig or die last year.

  11. The SRC camp will have 5 legit small tire cars once the dart and Tommy's s10 are done, throw in Matt rice, Eric Mann's and possibly turbo John, and you have a small tire episode that would bring huge ratings against the 405.

  12. Hey sim shawn is turning the 55 into his small tire street car lutz is building a sweet 55 small to street as well a couple of the 405 guys are also building small tire street cars and these are not the ones that they're using for endgame supposedly so will see as always keep up the awesome work sim let's go ttve 💪 💯

  13. There are a whole lot more small tire cars than big tire cars it would make a lot of these guys that are out here working everyday and racing on the weekends something else to get into if the 405 has a show about small tire……. These guys are out here every weekend racing would really add to the show

  14. I don't mind throwing some small tire racing into the mix, but don't completely eliminate the bad ass big tire cars we've all come to live, that would suck imho!

  15. They need to have the 405 go race people out of town and people come there to take them on it would be so much better discovery is killing the show and that's a fact just look at the ratings

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