TEST WASHING 💦 the Jag's Mystery Coating with Stjarnagloss! 🔴 LIVE DETAILING EVENT

In this livestream, Levi & Anthony wash Dane’s vinyl-wrapped Jaguar XKR to review the water behavior and protection provided by the mystery coating they applied about a month ago! The car has been taken through a touchless car wash once during that time, so the protection left behind from that will need to be accounted-for as well. So, let’s see how this coating cleans up with Stjarnagloss wash products one month into its life!

Speaking of Stjarnagloss, we’re running a limited-time FLASH SALE on their products from 10am-4pm (MST) so don’t miss out: (It starts the same time as the livestream event!)

Want to learn more about this new coating? Well, we can’t discuss it *too* much yet, but feel free to ask questions and Levi & Anthony will do their best to dodge them! 😅✨

✨ P R O D U C T S U S E D:
Stjarnagloss Forst –
Stjarnagloss Sno –
Stjarnagloss Matta –
All-New Mystery Coating (To be revealed at a later date)

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