Targeted by the HOA

Well this is gonna get interesting……….. I’ll do my best to no leave the rv or trailer there for extended periods of time, but loading and unloading is gonna happen. It is what it is.


  1. HOA needs to have the sign left on the head Karen’s drive way with sharpie wrote no overnight parking Karen. I would then take the video to clerk of courts for dissolution of the covenant due to willful misuse.

  2. I bet you there's not a lot of people knows that HOAs is a Communist organization, it was made up by the communist in the government, I don't care where you live at how you going to tell a free people what they can and can't do in a free country, make an HOA. Americans are so brainwashed anymore they will go with anything and fight for it

  3. Sorry to see that. Good luck!! I would never be part of a HOA. I will stick with my west NC Blue Ridge Smoky Mountain living on my unrestricted property. I have my race shop on the property a d can do what I want and I have beauty.

  4. Use the excuse truck drivers always gave me as a State Trooper. They would park in a no parking zone, cause a blind spot for cars leaving a business. When confronted, they would say "Im not parked…I just stopped there". 🤣🤯

  5. 😂 HOA's stink, they are the Karen magnets of housing community's! I won't ever live somewhere they steal your freedom to do as you please with your OWN place!!💯💯

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