Taking the worlds quickest street legal car for a cruise!

We get 2.0 out for a cruise to make some more room in the shop, to make room for the Volvorino. The golf cart from M1 gets a new motor and some upgraded batteries from @XS Power Batteries. Also we get into the updates on merchandise, Sick The Mag and so much more.

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  1. Carolina D/C coverage was great, hope to see more like it!
    I'm still holding out hope you put together an event in the PNW. Spokane's track, now Qlispe Raceway Park(search it), just changed ownership & is waiting for a new timing system, would be a great spot, pair it with Walla Walla too if you want it to be 1/8th mile? we just need someone with reach to get the ball rolling on an event like that up here & get it organized; seemed like there was interest in the comments when you mentioned it…

  2. Hey , I really enjoyed watching Luke cover the Carolina drive and drag. Perhaps some people that don't subscribe to the mag don't know who he is. Anyway , keep the videos and updates coming ; always appreciated.

  3. I watched all of Luke's courage.. I thought it was interesting I liked it. Couldn't have more substance maybe. Wasn't there to see what was going on. I would like to see more!

  4. I think he did a great job. Let’s be honest that’s just my opinion. Really like these videos hopefully it will grow the sport of racing.

  5. Thanks Tom, it's always great to see 2.0 out on the streets. You never disappoint with the content. Luke did an awesome job at the Carolina Drag Cruise. 👏
    Definitely enjoyed it 👍.
    When is your son going to drive 2.0?
    It's a real shame how Haas has treated you…

  6. At this point, u need to take legal action against haas, that got u by the balls, u don't pay the bill, they shut the machine off! U haven't made a dime in nearly a year and a half. They got some nerve dodging u & still sending u a bill. Time to fight back.

  7. I think Luke did a fine job on the coverage, and i like his off the cuff humor too. I just received my first Sick mag, and it is definitely Sick! It's not a magazine, it's a catalog of awesomeness!!
    Y'all take care!

  8. Luke did ok he'll be better for it next year's event.not everyone is born with a camera in there face all in good time to get comfortable with it all can't go hating someone for that lame dogs..

  9. In America the rules are so easy you can put an indicator on a airplane and call it a street car.
    Your times are not legitimate

  10. Thanks to Luke for the articles and the YouTube videos. Keep producing. We love Tom, and we love all the content on your channels and all the hard work you are doing!

  11. Tom no bullshit, you really should find the best automotive equipment lawyer! Then go after them hard! [I am against suing people for nothing or bullshit!] Your case is far from bullshit! They should have made good on this a year ago! If you looked at BAE or Noonan, or AJPE! Even a smaller company like MBE! None of them would ever have put up with Haas's bullshit! If any of those bigger companies had a bill like that to pay every month, for something that won't produce anything, it might not put them out of business, but it sure would hurt them! If you didn't have so much going on, you would have defaulted on it already! I see why a bunch of bigger companies don't use their stuff! Did you see that commercial they made, that I'm fairly sure it played during one of your videos! They look like the biggest bunch of fcktards I have ever seen! I get it was supposed to be funny! It defiantly was not! It was plain retarded! Especially while they are putting it up your ass, W/O even a little Vaseline! Mabe you should do what Whistling Diesel kid does? Lately any time somebody was done wrong, he would give out the phone number to all his subscribers to do what they may! Every time he has, he gets a phone call from the wrongdoer, the same fcking day! Begging him to make them stop! They fix the problem immediately! Not long ago a farmer's kid drove his old tractor to school! Which is 100% legal! Something that has happened since the 80s! The police & the school came up with a bunch of bullshit & lies & had the poor kids tractor towed & impounded! All of a sudden, they now have a tractor day!? People actually got fired for just for being dickheads! It was awesome! I highly recommend seeing his videos! Some stuff is just wrecking shit & being a moron! But the videos of the tractor deal, & the guy that stole from him, are priceless! He has the balls to go to someone's face & call them out! Its very refreshing, & the way things used to be & the way they should still be! Please, get yourself some justice! Even if its giving all your viewers, there phone number 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻! Now that would be some funny shit, [PRICELESS!] Have a good memorial day weekend!

  12. Wow really a street car why do you guys build race cars and want to call them street legal just because you got some state to let you put a tag on a racecar.So I guess one these days you will end up putting your promod race car /street legal on the street and do what the other guy in Tennessee did trying do a burn out on the street.Grow up and race your car like it was intended on a race track.Wally Park’s must be turning in his grave for what some of you children are doing today with drag racing.

  13. Don't you know any lawyers? This Hasse garbage is a slam dunk lawsuit. 1 year lost income. Broken promises. Record all phone conversations and screen shot all emails.

  14. How do they call this a street legal car? With out dot approved seat belts its not street legal. The 5 point seat belts are for racing use only… I had a car towed years ago because of the 5 point seat belts

  15. That is freaking awesome! Now you need Matt from Demo Ranch to set you up.with an actual 50 cal that you can swap.back and forth. for testing purposes of course 😅

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