Take a look under the hood of the Grand Prix

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  1. Street Outlaws fans tend to be way under on the true price of an NPK car, so I guess they are making up for that underestimate by way overestimating the price of the street cars. According to Street Outlaw fans you can get a ProLine Hemi for $60k but it costs $100k to build a G body, with an LS and a street blower. 😆

  2. I think people are getting the idea of 100,000 doller race car from Ryan Martin's build on endgame.lol which is not even part of the 405 og show yet.so people need to pump the brakes and wait till the og 405 show comes out to see the caliber of cars.

  3. Why I loved the build as soon as I saw it.
    85 Gran Prix, supercharged LS, not even a big SC

    could throw together a similar build (not as fast by any stretch) with 90% junkyard parts hahaha
    if I had the time for it, I could toss together a similar build with shot up parts all pulled from the local JY
    I know they have an old Malibu with a dinged front left fender, and another one with a crushed rear.
    take the front off the one put it on the other, hunt through the Catfish cars you know are in there for a 5.3 or 5.7 LS, mate it to a C4 trans out of any of the old fords in the lot and I bet there's a 9 inch rear in the back of the pile somewhere.

    point is, Monza's build is the epitome of a generic G body street rod build. just has all new parts.
    you want a 400hp hotrod to start with? you could build the same layout G body out of old used parts for under $5 grand

  4. From what I have seen. Your car is not bad cost wise. But Ryan’s car, dam I think his is a little over most street guys budgets. Watching the first episode. I thought to myself dam he is dropping some coin.

  5. You're not allowed to have an opinion on YouTube without being called a hater but I can tell you one thing There's not AG body out there that is good looking sorry guys

  6. So the paint was 9999$ lol..looks good monza..and i do not whine about 100k car builds i had a buddy in high school helped him build a 79 malibu in 95' he had 8,000$ total and it ran 7,s in the 8th we had a ball street racing it..hell the rear tires were donated to us m50 15's and air ride suspension we tore off a wrecked tractor trailer so we could set the ride height on the fly…paint was 2,500$ and the cage was 2,200$ engine 400sbc built by muscle motors in Boonville Indiana for less than 3k…still totally able to do same build in 2022 if use used parts and you do the labor…

  7. Looks amazing! Don't forget buddy if there's not a little hate your doing something wrong.. There's always going to be that guy. I'm loving there color. Do you remember the light blue chevy used on there Monte Carlo's ? You just put a better twist on it. Hope to see it in person. Dream car in my book! Well pretty close between that and your little truck.. Amazing build!!

  8. Monza is one guy money can't change! I seen him at Pacemakers track in Ohio years ago and he seemed just as down to earth as your neighbor! Good luck this season with the street car! I have owned many G body's and there great cars! Im sure that one will move! Later Guy's 👍

  9. Hair nation FTW!!! Love the car!!! Im building my HS 67 mustang and it has the same engine combo. Not a bank breaker. Ive built way more expensive shit. It will be fun to drive!!

  10. @ Monza, I'm a super charger fan. I'd love to hear your opinion on how you feel it will do before and after. especially since you have run nitrous and turbos and all.

  11. I watch every time I post but I have a hard time hearing u Everytime I'm not being a ass but if u got a mic talked louder or closer that would make your video better №##################################

  12. I see it as a compliment people think that’s 100k car !!! I will be honest it’s absolutely stunning car ! I would buy that for 20-25k no questions asked . Great job jerry & Brandon !

  13. I'm gonna do my S10 over 2 years and I'm gonna try to do mine for 20K max if I can get by with 10K then that'll be perfect

  14. You could prob build that car for way less $ if you used a sbe and bought your supercharger 2nd hand or built your own turbo kit, plus for the average person a stock 80e with shift kit and good converter would be plenty. Literally 500hp for most people is enough, but 700ish whp would be plenty on the street to have some fun. You don't need 1000hp, everyone wants 1000hp car but have never drove a legit 400-500hp car they just want to say a big number. The c10 I raced in ome of my videos made like 600 tire and ok the street we were on he put it in the ditch and was too much power for that road with a slick.

  15. Fuck all the haters , most of them live in mom’s basement and don’t have a job or a skill. Keep doing what you are doing and pissing liberals off.

  16. I had one of these. I stuffed a Buick 350 4bbl out of a 76 LeSabre in it. It was quite the runner. I remember taking off from a red light next to a Harley, he was kinda winding it up between gears. I stayed right beside him without having to really stand in it. Once he hit his cruising speed, he turned his head to the left and realized that I was almost along side him. He jumped a little, as he thought he was by himself…..🤣

  17. That car is easily achievable by any hard working dude with a little know how. Internet Karens are hilarious with their price points. If someone thinks that's a 100 thousand dollar car. Ive got one for sale for 85k and you can pick the color.

  18. I haven't seen a g body for under 3k and those have back rails rotted out or crashed. You find a g body for 300 to 800 in fair condition I'll take 2

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