Sunday Night Live at Gen 2 Garage!


  1. 56yrs old , working on cars/machines , since I was 15….. Never had an issue with lock-washers…

    Stops fasteners from vibrating , loose . Until you want them loose…..

  2. I have a name for you Western Chaplin he is a YouTuber that took a Dodge Charger kept the supercharger on it with cuz it was a Hellcat version and turbocharged it through the supercharger you guys might like Western Chaplin he's kind of a crazy character and leaving the supercharger on it

  3. Paint 2 flat red stripes on the underside of the trunk lid.. undercover race car stuff.. Also if you where no prep raci g for money im guessing you wouldn't be doing it right now.. the cost of everything and the wait times for parts is frustrating..

  4. The heads you have are ok but need ported and you will need a Holley intake they flow as much LS3 but Edelbrock makes a head that so much batter you will need to upgrade pistons and Crank to run twins that what I have in my street car 1300 horsepower I just have small twins I have not in pushed it but looking at it maybe next year 481x still flying with no problem's that the best sit-up

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