Street outlaws NPK5 Virginia Motorsport park- Daddy Dave Vs Jeff Lutz: invitationals R3


  1. Thanks for the updates. Awesome job. Only thing would make it better is to say the winner or speak in general, speak louder because the background noise is so loud we cannot hear you

  2. Okay I'm going to be honest with you because everybody else on here can't be honest with you there going to be politically correct they don't want to offend anybody well I'm not trying to offend you I'm trying to help you get better which will get your subscribers ship up and your viewership up as far as video quality you get a 10 for that as far as audio quality you get a 10 for that as well now as far as commentary I'm going to have to give you a 1 you need to buy a microphone that clips to your shirt speak louder more clearly and more boldly because the background noise is drowning you out and we can't hear a word you're saying other than that great job my man and keep up the good work

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