Street outlaws NPK5 Ryan Martin Vs Adam Jennings: invitationals Round 3


  1. For Ryan’s sake at least everything ended as least destructive as possible. Fire went out quick and he was able to stop safety. Fireball next week?

  2. That's too bad something blew. Looked like he had a car that was gonna go rounds! First time in as long as I can remember that he isn't leading in points from the start of the season!

  3. I’m willing to bet by mid season Ryan has twins back on this car. That pro charger combo has been amazing but with the added weight they’re having to push these cars harder and if he keeps having problems we will see twins again

  4. Can't help but notice how far back away from the track spectators are at. This track compared to Palm Beach. You can get along the wall there. Much better experience. Hope they stay open down in Florida.

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