Street outlaws NPK5 Final: Kye Kelley Vs Jerry Bird


  1. Looks like the NOS combo is the best for NPK this year. They shouldn’t be putting all these restrictions on the other combos. Either way Kye is a stand up guy and I wouldn’t be mad if he won the whole deal this season

  2. 2 nitrous cars in the finals? Yeah, Ryan will be switching back to twin turbo shortly I feel. Congrats to Kye. He earned it after everything he's been through since the start.

  3. good job man… only thing i would say is…maybe get a clip on mic so we can hear ya. i know ur talking quiet so everyone around u dont get ill. so a mic would help. but great job with the quick uploads. u were way faster then the other few channels that upload. new subscriber here 👍

  4. All these ppl in here sayin Nitrious cars are to the front this season well who won 2 weeks ago and what combo woulda won this show if it wasn't for a 1st ever mechanical breakdown…. Yeah, thought so… 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wow! I think that you could pick a random person from the stands and then they would have cut a far better light than Jerry Bird did, that was embarrassing!

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