Street Outlaws NPK Columbus 2022 Race Recap- ALL PASSES/Engine fix and more!!! Mike Murillo Racing

This recap shows grudge-testing on friday, engine fix & more and saturdays action. Also shots of fans, Go-Pros and more! Check it out! 👇


  1. Hey Mike, I initially started rooting for you bc you run Ford power in a Ford which is VERY rare! But after watching you for all these years, you seem like a great guy with a great family! Good luck the rest of the season

  2. You are one of the best personalities of all the outlaws!!! Love your persona and your outlook on not only racing but life itself! Love to see you and your lady doing it together and her so involved. That’s what it’s all about!! Love the FoxBody stuff!! Huge fan of them!! I have an 2005 GT. My daughter just graduated high school and got a 94 GT SN95 for her gift (she cried for days)!!! And my 13 year old son has an 89’ LX hatch we’ve been building that’s got a 351 w/tremec 5spd that’s been 12:49 to this point. He can drive it at the age of 13 better than me @ 49 (soon to be 50) I think…. lol!!!!

    Anyway……keep it up my friend!!! Can’t wait to see ya in the winners lane again!! It’s coming….I know it is!!!

    Gonna try to make Norwalk so I can shake your hand and meet ya in person!!!

    More videos please!!!!

  3. Glad to see the team going rounds. Amazing the performance you achieve with off the shelf A460 heads. Keep going rounds and hopefully we'll see you in the winner's circle soon.

    I know you've ran turbos for decades, but how would that engine perform with a ProCharger?

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