Street Outlaws NPK: Bird Brothers Lose the Race and the Brawl in the Pits After Bet Gone Bad?

BeechBend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY 6/11/22
Jerry Bird throws the first punch after not wanting to pay the bet!


  1. Jerry bird 100percent won that fight he punched him took him to the ground pounded him more and controlled the fight the whole way

  2. Looks like jerry swung first.stupid to be fighting over a race but after they fought some pretty funny things said,”WHO KICKED ME IN THE MOUF”

  3. Yeah they couldn't hardly peel ole Jerry bird off of Logan. Man to man Logan don't want Jerry's smoke. Or Daryl's either. He can talk 💩 if he wants to. But he got bit by the Nola bug

  4. Darryl bird tried to shake the guys hand to lock $500 in and the guy never shook he just followed Frankenstein doing a burnout. Everyone of us in the stands seen they wouldn’t shake Darryl’s hand. Plenty of vids. We ain’t bird brother fans but right is right and wrong is wrong.

  5. It never seems to amaze me on how many tuff guy bad asses come the comments. Them the boys who win fights with their mouths, tuff game talkers who can't bust a grape and hoping and praying the other won't jump and if they don't jump they talk like they the baddest dude..

  6. They claiming they won the fight but from what I saw the bird brother gave all of them more than what they wanted. You can’t claim that you won the fight when a man calls you out one on one and you coward down to his call out. 😂😂😂

  7. Lol looks like Bobby taught them a little Louisiana justice if they pulled up on that many boys from here they wouldn't walk away shows who the real bitches are in the fight jumped first and cry about Bobby getting on all they ass lol

  8. How can you say you got sucker punched when you’re fighting a sucker punch is whenever you don’t even know it’s coming no intention of a fight and then you get hit then you can say you got sucker punched but a fight was clearly going on and you can expect to get hit you’re stupid if you don’t expect it

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