Street Outlaws NPK 2022: Bird Brothers Chaos – What Went Down! | Sketchy's Garage

BeechBend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY 6/11/22
We see the events leading up to the fight between the Bird Brother’s and Next Motorsports.


  1. As big as that boy is that was talking about how bad he is from the comments looks like his name is Lonnie I assume I hope he never gets in a real fight because as big as he is he can't fight his way out acwet paper bag..

  2. bunch a punks after watching this I just lost respect for them , fucking young punks playing games trying to be big . you guys were trying to play games and yeah i would have punched you in the face for all the shit you all pulled. fucking lost all respect for any local kentucky racers . kick a man in the face when he is on the ground . please meet me face to face I would beat any one of those punks 1 on 1 anyday of the week.

  3. It was all wrong if u can't race ur car straight up no lengths you don't need to race besides there's a reason they are on TV there fast and when u make a bet u pay it and not talk shit.

  4. It don't look to me like the boys Louisiana got their ass whooped it looks to me like y'all the ones that got whipped and that's kind of sad that many people y'all had and y'all couldn't whip them boys yeah I don't even need to be talking about fighting

  5. Bird Brothers for the win. There were only two punches that were thrown and both came from the Bird Brothers. Plus they were way out numbered. Not to mention the one guy that kept saying I got hit in the back of the head I had to deduct points for excessive crybaby. Now all of you who are saying it not the place to fight…… Shut out. It was a bunch of out of shape guys pushing each other. It was the most exciting thing on NPK
    Go watch Oprah

  6. "You hit me in the back of tha head" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 in the most country accent I've ever heard Holy shit that was funny!!!!!!

  7. Why do grown ass men act like kids. Loose like a man. Better yet let the girls race and yall just watch. HAHA

  8. Jerry Byrd talks to much. To bad he doesn’t drive as fast as he talks. The show even needs to replace him also because the only tv time he gets is when he’s arguing with someone, sure can’t put run anyone. Street outlaws should give Jerry Byrd (THE BYRD) lol

  9. That big ole boy was like I wasn't trying hit nobody I was just trying to pull them apart as soon as the bird boys pulled off he starts talking shit I hit that dude and I hit this guy none of them ran there mouths when they were all there.

  10. someone was saying something, but it looked like Jerry was on top. hockey rules would suggest he won. Imagine losing a fight to a 60 year old in front of your friends. ouch. especially when its 9-10 against 3-4

  11. I was at the starting line negotiations. It was a $hit show from the start. I didn’t see the fight, but I was positive it was gonna happen even before the race.

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