Street Outlaws // No Prep Kings // Virginia Motorsports Park // We got a hot rod now guys!

Boy o boy, we got us a hot rod now! This car is starting to show us what it is really capable of. Front of the track no prep, we got several personal best passes and I really think the car has potential to be a front runner! NPK small tire was a blast. This is Friday night, we had 21 cars total. Mixed in is some of the Street Outlaw passes that Chase captured. The crowd was crazy! And the big WING got some hate and some love, LOL……….Check it out guys!


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  1. what does your non-binary automatic ratio selector temp get up to? I know you all talk about how hot it is, but im just curious what temp that really is. Ive always does road course stuff and had to worry about engine oil temps, but never transmission.

  2. Wow..I now know how the scramble button actually guys really did well..hated too see Petey go up in smoke at the hit!

  3. Thanks for meeting me Saturday and chatting with us for a bit! Best b'day ever! Thanks 4 signing my shirts!! Awesome seeing you win!!

  4. Murder Nova looked like the fastest car there to me! Lyle & Pete have that Ol Beer Money moving! It even looked like you were making sub 5 second hits, nice job! You really don't know if the wing is actually doing anything, until you make a pass without it! I really don't know why your 150mph foxbody needs it, when a 250mph foxbody didn't! When you have chassis issues that are unseen, that normally causes the horrible drivability problems, I believe you had with the old car! Man you should have kept your moth shut until you saw the draw! The only other thing I would say is, you might beat Lyle once! But don't think it will become a habit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚! Lots of people got around him once, so they underestimate him the next & they lose! J.S. One other thing I learned the hard way, is if your making good hits on a track your going to be at all weekend! You don't make big changes! You just make slight changes, if any! I would leave the rear tires alone for this weekend! You may want to check your front to rear alignment! Something doesn't look right? It may just be front? It looks like every time you go to the line, the front wheels are turned one way or the other? If that is actually happening, it will slow you down! Hope you go to the finals again!

  5. Man I knew it was good when I seen the video length!! Hell yeah car is moving happy for you! Hope next video is longer go win that money!!

  6. Is the gauge sitting at around 20 psi unhooked because of just coincidence or just holding the line pressure? If I heard you correctly, when hooked up the gauge was reading around 20 psi more than it should be or did I interpret that completely wrong.. You sure it's not just a janky gauge rather than regulator?
    I've had to adjust/correct a few of them due workers turning regulators up exceeding the rated pressure of the gauge, they make overpressure protectors to avoid this but we never cared enough to install any).
    If it's the gauge a couple screws/remove face plate/pop the guts out… there is a copper tube (Bourdon tube) in there that you can typically adjust to re-zero the gauge… the adjustment for such is usually in the strap/link coming off of the bourdon tube to a arm.
    Usually you can just adjust the link and good to go but there is a tiny rack and pinion in there that occasionally gets messed up or worn out enough to skip teeth.

  7. Boosted GT is forgetting that Big Chief done the same thing to the Crow and of course I'm talking about the WANG lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ and Big Chief said the same thing for some reason one day out of all the all the passes he made in that car and then all of a sudden no matter what he did to fix it the car would not drive straight any more so he made a few subtle changes and adjustments and put him a huge JDM/Import style WANG on his car and it was an immediate difference like night and day and if you watch alot of Pro Mod or Outlaw style drag racing there is quick a few Pro Mod's out there with them and can we give it up to Mike though he might've gotten beat by TJ in the second round because he got what they call in drag racing he got Turbo F*CKD when that little Ole SBC spoiled that turbo up and TJ went around him and the 330 mark but Mike has got to have one of the most bad ass sounding small tire car's out there when he was pulling into the waterbox and then spoiled the engine up that big ole engine started thumping it's chest like King Kong and it really did sound like TJ was up against a Pro Mod ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. You should start trying out new tires front and back and put as many sensors on the car as possible and have one of your crew members take notes on top of the data you get from the ECU and put a Davies Technologies VPS in the car as well that way you have data from that too because just like any other type of drag racing it's only getting faster and faster just look at guys like Big Chief,Petey Small block, Scott Taylor,KC MAXX, Jason Cantu and the list goes on but all them guys are capable of making a mid 3sec pass on big tires and they have to be running low 4sec on small tire no prep so when you find get your new engine done make them other changes too and for one you'll get the car dialed in quicker but when you do you will definitely be faster

  9. They should make these events 4 days 2 for small tires Thursday and Friday and have big tires race Saturday and Sunday or vice versa but if they have small tire car's race first then it will put some rubber back on the track for the big tire car's after they scrape it before people get there and I think if they did that then there might be less wrecks and everyone should have an engine diaper and a drip pan for full containment of fluids

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