Street outlaws No prep kings New England Dragway. Great 8 semifinals (maple grove continuation)


  1. And the grey car is back! Hats of to them guys on RYAN'S TEAM AND JUSTIN'S…for the great work they did to get them cars back out there and to the racers….great video bro, keep them coming 👍👊

  2. You do one heck of a good job JJ And this is just a suggestion but how about filming the burnout and then going straight to the race instead of waiting for them to backup and stage the cars

  3. With the weight break the nitrous cars got and the penalty weight the procharger cars you would think the nitrous cars would be on the top. I wonder if Kye Kelly and Lizzy musi are holding back or unless Ryan Martin was holding out on everyone last season.

  4. Hats to Justin for after what happend ti have it ready un just a few days a making a good solid pass that would beat mostly anybody there and for him because after what happend he got back in the car like nothing back I’m a 405 all the way but I love to see him getting back on the horse after falling congrats to Justin

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