Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway Ryan Martin Vs Scott Taylor


  1. Looks like Ryan had engine trouble about 550' out… He was about to go around Scott though. Congrats to Scott

  2. Ryan probably had the motor go bad or the pro charger touchdown on him
    But hey look at the luck Justin Swanstrom has had this season. It is just someone else's turn to have bad luck. Swan gang to the front. WAAP-WAAP pshoooo

  3. Yeap he is been sleeping at the light since last night and Scott put a big a tune on his Ryan just did an a to b pass and sleeping at the light

  4. Ryan was sleeping at the light seeing that everytime this event looked like he was on a mission tho bout to blow the doors off Scott then had problems glad it was Scott who got the w instead of someone else he is going to get more competitive the more passes he makes with the car but atm I don’t see anyone beating Ryan unless his car fails and they keep that thing top notch

  5. They're was some confusion backing him up…maybe radios took a dump…then he deep staged…maybe trans brake issues….something gave out half track….even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while 🐿

  6. Dang i wonder what happened to Ryans car. Its like he let out of it to let Scott win. Lol. I know that didnt happen thou. Or did it ??? Humm lol

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