Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway- Ryan Martin Vs Kye Kelley (G8 semifinal


  1. This Ryan Martin drag racing series is getting old , I know he is a good racer but he’s got all the money and luck to go with it no longer fun to watch when you know who is gonna win Saturday night on a Friday

  2. Ryan w the perfect tune. Off the line great no spin then shot out of a cannon mid track to the win.
    Ryan Martin needs to be signed to a pro team!!

  3. When are they going to realize these 8 guys get all these extra passes. They will get faster and faster every week, leaving the rest behind. Can't give racers at this level that many extra passes and data and not expect them to walk away.

  4. Pat is going to be complaining still. He's having trouble making enough power even with the extra weight he bullied them into add to the procharger cars

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