Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway- Ryan Martin Vs Justin Swanstrom (Final)


  1. About Damn Time Justin. So glad you finally got that win. Now you know what it takes and how it feels to beat Ryan Martin. All downhill now. Wish it were that easy. Ryan and his combination are beasts in the sport. Like Big Chief was Once Upon a Time.

  2. I never knew it would be so many people happy to see the most humblest person in the sport lose. There is nobody and no prep Kings more humble than Ryan Martin and the crazy part about it is he wins more than anybody there. Congratulations Justin

  3. Fantastic win for Justin,, shows that they are figuring out the blower setup pretty fast,, great tune big country,, solid team

  4. Awe man, this sucks. I was hoping that Ryan would win. I usually cheer for the underdog, but not when it comes to Ryan. He’s a classy guy who doesn’t talk about others behind their backs, is very respectful, and is very humble for being as good as he is.

  5. You know bc headed right back to that trailer. On to the next. You know he feels good. Just some ol country boys out there tuning there on sht.

  6. There all running almost same motor making close same power it is tuning suspension tree most champions win loose alittle drive in heart all must keep adrenaline excitement if not responses slow you loose edge that made you better than rest dose not matter what sport

  7. Seeing that punk chuck face was the best part ,he stupid self walking around clapping and smiling and Justin make him look stupid which is not hard , great job swangang

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