Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway Murder Nova Vs Kallee Mills


  1. “ Murder Nova had issues” damn, us morons are used to that statement this season! I just don’t get it . Shawn has enough car to go rounds but it’s always something and, that something is usually something small or silly. Don’t get me wrong, I like Phantom , seems like a great guy but, I’m not so sure he’s crew chief material at THIS level at least! Shawn has admitted himself that he’s more of a “ wrench” than he is at engine and chassis tuning . I know Petty works with him but, there is definitely still a problem with their entire program it seems. Someone as competitive as we all know Shawn is, these poor finishes HAVE to be driving him nuts. I honestly thought after his runner up finish in outlaw big tire last week that just maybe they had some things figured out, apparently not. The worst part is, he really couldn’t ask for a better draw today or in the last couple of weeks honestly yet, same old results.

  2. Murder nova should just stop racing in the no prep kings championship races because he isn’t fast enough not even close

  3. I love Shawn but, it is getting old watching him piss into the wind. He needs to hire a rockstar crew chief and get a big block. Yes, I know the small block "makes the power"…at 78 pounds of boost…but it is inconsistent as can be and is constantly breaking or blowing the tires off when that 70+ lbs pours on. Shawn has to be one of the least successful contenders of all time…and it's a shame because the majority of it seems to be self inflicted!

  4. Can't believe Shawn didn't win that. After Whatching him outrun Dave yesterday I know he has a bullet. Kinda looks like something happened and the car fell on its face like 75ft from the finish. I really do like Kallee and her story but…. idk if she'll make it past 2nd round. Let's see 👀

  5. She passed him with the shoot out ? lol . Cant wait to hear what the excuse is this week . i say it pulled timing and dropped the boost at the end

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