Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway- Kye Kelley Vs Jeff Lutz (Final)


  1. What the hell! Kye got him on the tree…well lye deserves the win he works hard and have been trying to beat Ryan…but congrats to kye…hope Jeff doesn't have much fire dammage..great race and excellent footage of the video bro…thanksπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

  2. KYE KELLY: Every car he has built over the last 15 years has been CHAMPION CALIBER. His Team has to be considered one of the TOP THREE NO PREP TEAMS in the country!! How they dial these cars in year after year, is amazing!! Congrats to him and JEFF!!

  3. I get you do this all the time but these clips kinda take it from the show. People know how it's gonna be before show comes out. But I guess it's pushed the guys to do youtube so they can update everyone since their races are already all over youtube

  4. Damn Kye's car looks so much like reapers cause of the colors I thought it was reaper vs Lutz. I was all for lutz then realized it was Kye. Then it is a toss up. I like both. My only thing with Kye is he really has no personality. All interviews and hell even his YT channel he is just bland. So mono tone and no excitement if he wins or loses. Yet I am basing it all off how he is when a camera is on him. He might be different without a camera on him yet I don't think so. I will say he is a damn good dude yet just doesn't have that out of the world personality like JJ Da Bitch has which honestly is not a bad thing. Kye is just cool chill down to earth no matter what has happened. Yet no emotions thus I think he is more of an Analytical person like I am. Yet I watch a show I need something to keep me watching it. I don't need those that think like I do to do shows cause then it just boring. Unless they bring in stuff that turns off most people like how they built the engine and all the technical stuff then I am good.

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