Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway- Justin Swanstrom Vs Lizzy Musi (G8 semi


  1. Oh I can hear her now. This cars a POS, its making her look stupid 😂😂🤡🤡. Gates is doing just fine in the last car she called junk and cried cause she was looking dumb. If there is one thing she can do it crash cars. Its what she has always done since she climbed into a race car. I guess when all you have is people who tell you what you want to hear then in your head its okay to act like a 3 year old on TV. Apple doesn't fall far from that tree thats for sure.

  2. She had emm on the light if she didn’t have that incident happen I think she woulda won, Ryan will 99% likely win Justin gets scared when he races Ryan which cause him to lose most likely

  3. I want to give 100% props to Justin swanstrom and his crew they have come a long way in a short time. Everyone needs to b on notice they have come to win. And with this new motor combo. All I can say is damn that thing is fast

  4. Looks to me like Pat still needs to stop talking about other people's programs and driving, get in them notebooks and get that ish lined out. embarrassing

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