Street outlaws No prep kings Brainerd international Raceway Justin Swanstrom Vs Jeff Lutz


  1. See what happens WHEN RYAN GOES DOWN EARLY he has time to work with the other 405 GUYS Don't forget he won a championship with a twin Turbo set up GO LUTZ 💯

  2. Thanks for the uploads! Specially for the one's that follow NPK Yet can't afford to get to them! Others might have a problem with what you do, yet I'll still watch on TV when it airs mainly because I enjoy it plus usually the weather is not the best where I live when it comes out.

  3. Think how long it’s taken Jeff to get to the finals,Justin hasn’t taken much time at all to start having success with the new combo ,when all the gremlins have been dealt with JS will once again be a force to be reckoned with

  4. Damn Good Race !!! Fckn Jeff stayed in it and all it took was that wiggle @ the 330ish and Lutz Racecars went by him like Justin was tied to a Stump!!

  5. Justin got close to wall lifted and got back on it and still almost drove back around him!! Damn!! Kye gonna get another win Lutz ain't fast enough he just got lucky this race! If he wins next one it will be luck too! I see him getting gapped if both go down with no problems!

  6. Damn Justin’s going that deep on another completely new set up ? I’m not a swan fan but you have to admit him and his team know how to be competitive in anything they show up with. Wow. Am I the only one thinking this is crazy good ? 🤷🏻

  7. Bought time drivers stop laying down for Swanstrom although every racer reacts to him leaving and not the tree for some odd reason almost like it’s staged I mean it’s kinda obvious on a lot of these races especially a few last week we’re racers took dives that’s why racers are leaving the series that and the great 8 crap, supposedly next year there going all small tire all small block, and S/G is gonna try to run that car on the streets and he’s never made a lick on anything but a track he thinks it’s gonna be like no prepp it’s nothing like no prepp it’s 10x harder if he does do it he’ll wreck within the first 2-3 episodes

  8. What people fail to understand their a few people who run the same setup as Ryan. But they clearly can’t figure it out like he does. Why hate on him for being successful at his current combo.

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