Street outlaws No prep kings Beech Bend Raceway- Murder Nova (R) Vs B-Rad (L). Inv round 1


  1. Nothing to do with the chute's, he drove around him……the dude needs to just be farm truck a flag races and say dumb shxt on TV ….. Chiefs the reason he was even talked about when the series started

  2. Shawn drew probably one of the easiest wins he could’ve drawn….. and throws it away as usual. I guess being a cheerleader for Ryan must pay quite well.

  3. Shawn needs to stop being tight and build a team !!??😁🤭🤔 If he wants too win !😁🤔🤭 Phantom is a camera man at Best he needs ti stop buying cars and invest in a solid team!!! Regardless he still gets paid that's why he doesn't trip on it too Much!!!😭🤣💪😁🤔🤔🤭🤭

  4. Murder nova used to be one of the most feared cars to line up against. He either needs to put his all into it or step aside and let someone else into the invitational.

  5. Not too sure what to think about Shawn's program. Is he there to win? Is he there just for the pay check and sell merch? I'm sure he wants to win but he should take a look at the winning programs and evaluate what makes a winning team. Sorry Shawn. I still love you though

  6. Phantom said that a fan had pointed out that they had loose engine bolts and they did. Phantom is not a crew chief and only a yes man. He needs to evaluate his situation and change it or this will keep happening!

  7. Way to early on the chutes almost every time.. love Shawn but come on plenty of track in beech bend been there a lot of times.. come on man …

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