Street outlaws No prep kings Beech Bend Raceway Justin Swanstrom Vs Ryan Martin- Inv Semifinals


  1. Well when you have the best tuner on the planet. And the most expensive setup. Yeah. If he continues to win. People well stop going. Same thing happened in Nascar when Gordon and Johnson. Keep winning every year

  2. Championships are usually won by not who's the fastest. But by the team that has their shit together the most. Ryan's team definitely has their shit together the most. And he's usually the fastest. And that's tough to beat.

  3. i give it to justin hes had that combo for like 2 months and is able to nearly be door to door with ryan whos ran the same setup 2 years now

  4. Racing against Ryan must get in the other guy's head, the master and the student over and over again. He seems like a genuinely good person as well, the other guy, not so much…

  5. Ryan’s good but Justin is that one guy who makes Ryan think and when that gremlin bug leaves Justin’s program watch out because that program is doing way more with less and will surpass Ryan in coming years

  6. I told Swanstrom the pro-charger combo was faster it’s only 50lbs heavier big F’ing deal and the screw blower combo is handicapped by the size of the blower

  7. Just want to say congrats to Ryan and team for yet another win. There is not a better team on the track or street. Ryan Martin is the King of racing hands down.

  8. For Justin yo even be where he is at from what has transpired in last few NPK races he is doing big things right now great job wow 😮! But that 405 head is hard to cut off ! The 🐐 is hard to beat .

  9. Lmao! Ahahahaha 👆 Yah I'm sure it's time for @swangang justin to just realize it's time to sell all his "shit"! And get a women 🙄 lol.. and try and qualify to buy a little place in @coral oaks!🔥🤭😅🤣😆💀👨‍🦽💅👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  10. Ryan's a beast but swan and his crew and also unbelievable the things they have done this season. Car burnt to the ground like 4 weeks ago, drive shaft exploded and trans last race and have 1 race with a screw blower before this. That's pretty wild to think about

  11. Ryan Martin cant be beat bybjust anybody.. You have to be somebody to win against him, unless he breaks… But clean, no way!

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