Street Outlaws Murder Nova Debut at No Prep Kings!!!

Murder Nova came out in his debut to no prep kings and raced his way in and got in the main show. Murder Nova has had some trouble getting his car to go straight in no prep events but this showing had him looking extremely fast and straight. The competition was in trouble has Murder Nova was looking to win it all in his debut. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Contender. Beats 2 slow cars. And loses to the cars that are contenders. Stop with the excuses of working the bugs out the new car he's been having for awhile

  2. Murder Nova is definitely a fast car. It has the ability to run with or out run just about anything that lines up beside it. But the car hardly ever makes 2 winning passes back to back. I would personally never be able to understand the struggle of running a car of this caliber itโ€™s just way out of my league and over my head. To me cars like this are basically science projectโ€™s. But that being said Iโ€™m am a fan, and it sure would be nice to see Murder Nova get back to winning.

  3. All of this late entry trade chips broke ass car call out and all the other shit their pulling is BS, but it's about tv and ratings not about the racing.
    They will do this just like the OKC street outlaws shit and run it in the ground. Reaper, Bruders, Axman to the front

  4. Poor murder nova its all chiefs fault ….. Now chief has a girlfriend who has to be in every camera shot he didn't have time for Murder Nova and Sean probably got tired of having her right there on their back heels I mean every time the chief goes and gets a chip to race she has to be standing there right next to him even if they say drivers only

  5. Nice to see the Nova out and having fun. Guys on a serious note.

    The Elco! Those new Wings are hidious …. Without the wings + The new mods done. The ride was ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  6. Was so hoping he would beat Scott Taylor after how did Jeff Lutz dirty. Then Scott was crying about how the crowd reacted to his slimy move. He EVEN SAID he was going to do it BEFORE the race and then acts like he shouldn't have gotten that kind of reaction from people. F him

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