Street Outlaws Big Chief Wins Colorado No Prep Kings!!

Big Chief had a tough road to winning the Colorado no prep kings with some fast competition. This is big chief’s first no prep kings win and it was impressive with big chief beating some fast racers. There was no gimmie wins with his win.Can big chief continue the momentum going into Ohio next?
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  1. Why does Chief go so far out on the burn out, lol? Its amazing how much the Street Outlaws show has gotten people into drag racing. I had/have no interest in the sport but would love to go to one of these no prep races with the racers I know from the show. I think being familiar with the drivers and their stories makes it a lot more interesting than just watching anonymous cars go down a track.

  2. I love Drag Racing been watching it all my life I just can't stand 8th mile the 8th mile
    Nothing compares to the full quarter mile of the big boys that have the balls to run it all the way out and it all the way out

  3. That was cool we were their to see this great time. GTO was the best car made loved my 66 GTO. not many cars could get around it.

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