Street outlaw No prep kings Beech Bend raceway: Murder Nova vs Manny Bugging (Big tire final)

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  1. Huge fan of murder nova, but Shawn needs to step up his equipment to be reliable and competitive. The little "small block" just can't hang.
    He's going to lose fans quickly if he doesn't up grade his equipment soon.

  2. Murder Nova has been trying to get this car to go down the track and it just won't do it. It just won't go straight when he puts all the power to it or he's not making the right adjustments.

  3. Manny is fast, but most importantly he is consistent and that’s what it takes to go rounds. Shawn had to lift as he was headed for the wall. Justin Swanstrom had to lift due to tire shake. I look forward to to seeing how Manny stacks up to the big dogs when both cars make clean passes. Congratulations to Manny and his team, they are doing great!

  4. It’s so comical these comments.. “Shawn needs to do this, that and or the other”, “ he can’t compete, he needs a new car, he needs a tuner, a better crew”..

    He lost in the FINALS of a pretty stout class at an NPK event. Do you not understand he has to win rounds to go to the finals? So because he lost in the finals, he has to scrap his whole program? You people who say these things are definitely no fan of Shawn’s and clearly need to think before you say such ignorant statements.

  5. This comment section is riddled with couch racers that know everything. 😂 quit being weirdos. Let that man run his program how he wants. He will eventually get it right. Look how long it took Dave to win one. Not everyone has pockets as deep as Ryan

  6. You know everybody wants to say how good or bad someone is here but the people that are commenting do they have a car themselves I doubt it. But murder Nova he tries is an older car even if it's the new chassis not the same as a very pickle car or house car or Cameron Johnson car. And Nanny is fast consistently strong. Once they Free Fred and let him run with the big boys he might be going home with the gold.

  7. Love how people say Shawn’s car isn’t going down cause of the motor. Y’all who say that r sum idiots. The only issue they need to solve is chasis tuning

  8. Oh how the once mighty quickly fall. Shawn is headed into the "has been" category real quick.

    With the exception of Ryan and Dave, none of the 405 cars can hang with the rest of the field. Lutz is close, but he's officially not from the 405.

  9. Murder Nova needs to stay home and start working on that 55 she ain't doing worth a damn on the snow prep1🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤔

  10. Man what’s wrong with you people the man lost in the finals of big tire the finals of big tire let me say it again the finals in big tire I bet you 95% of the people in these comments have never been to the finals in anything including the finals in keyboard racing damn! I wish I could be shitty at everything I do and still make it to the finals wow what the is wrong with you people. If you guys don’t like the guy don’t watch him pretty simple. I was at this race he made good passes all day The guy in the mustang I can’t remember his name sorry also made good passes all day long and deserved that win.

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