Stevie Fast Near Crash! : NHRA Four-Wide Recap!

Lucille Gets Crossed up in the Semi Finals of NHRA Charlotte 4-Wide! Race Recap and More! Stevie Fast discusses the race round by round and explains the part failure that shut the engine off in the Semi Finals. #NHRA #NHRAPROMOD

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  1. Yep typical women and typical race car 🤣 maybe she’s done giving you back talk for a little while. You gave Rusty Ronnie too much attention this winter she mad😎

  2. She did good. She is learning. Keep it up big man! I'll buy a T-shirt if you'll tell me where I can stream the pro mods. Network TV claims to air NHRA races, but it's only F/C and T/F. Surely there is a way for me to watch you race live!

  3. I don't care for the four-wide because two guys get a bad track that doesn't hook it's never been used cuz they don't use it all the time so it it's done have as much rubber on it I don't I don't care for the four-wide that's all I can say I'll leave it at that when it's on I'll turn it to something else🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Awesome job Stevie!!! Keep kicking ass!!!! Maybe sometime explain how you tune a car for cold vs hot tracks without giving any secrets up of course

  5. So that photocell that became maladjusted actually scrubbed something? And you mentioned that it has a gap up to 200.50 thousands. What do you want to set the gap? And lastly what am i trying to comprehend? Thanks, Jim

  6. That side by side comparison roll was an eye opener 😲
    How long has it been know that throwing the chutes will help straighten up the car (I assume since chutes and speeds exceeded 160mph?)

  7. Oh s*** I like the stinky fast backpacks hey buddy I hope you're doing good thanks for the videos and keep kicking ass later

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