SlagHammer is wired!! Wiring,It can be intimidating #nonamenationals @Uncle Tony's Garage #mopar

Wiring can be intimidating to some, but it can be done. Double check everything before you hit the power👍if you have some electrical knowledge that’s a plus, if not do your research or get someone that does.#dodge #moparornocar #utg #plymouth #wiring #wiringharness #dragcar #headlights


  1. Nah gimme a bundle of spaghetti wire ,or some freeze or galley plugs to deal with.
    The 2 things most other people hate.

  2. Were you toggling the turn signal switch manually to make them flash? It sounded like you were. Why not just wiring a couple flashers?

  3. Al, great work. Love the car. I have one question about the main kill switch on the rear bumper. If you ever need to push the car off the track with another vehicle, will the switch get crushed? I thought mounting it higher might prevent any issues.

  4. I rewired my 58 Chevy completely with a Kwik Wire universal kit. It works great and was pretty easy with the right crimper.

  5. I've seen before you get brake lights doing weird stuff it is in the steering column. Especially on GM cars. Bad wires/harness in column and brake lights and blinkers do weird things

  6. Learn to use a multi meter and test continuity. It will make wiring so much easier.. even after 22yrs journeyman Refrigeration mechanic I need to switch my brain a bit doing automotive wiring but once you get it is kinda fun ..

  7. Nice job.
    Wiring can be a painful process but I've found the best way to wire a project is to build the wire harness on a piece of plwood and then transfer it to the project. I've also sodered ground wires onto different parts instead of relying on grounding to the body.

  8. A suggestion for the TS switch…. Grote still makes the old school commercial vehicle switch assembly (TS and hazards) that clamps onto the column housing. Some versions even have repeaters in the housing so you get a reminder the T/S are on. The hazard function is a mech tab that simply activates both T/S's at the same time. Just a quick nudge of the lever releases the tab to turn them off.

    Before anyone says "it's not period correct"…. you're wrong. One of my Bro in laws (much older) had a gasser style 55' Chev in the early 70's with a Grote T/S switch assembly. He was a mech at Wilson Freight during the time he was building the car.

  9. In Texas you must have a license plate light, not sure if Tennessee has the same requirements. Also, a headlight dimmer switch. Gotta have both along with a horn to get inspected/registered. Nice to have if you need it on the street.

  10. I have wired many car circuits except the one where the turn signal and brakes are using the same bulb filament. I even swapped a 70 Pontiac over to HEI but never had the opportunity to do that turnsignal/brake power supply and switch set up. I like your turn signal solution. Those will show up nicely and look factory.

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