Should Chase Is A Race Be In Street Outlaws?

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  1. The problem with Chase is a race you're not finding out who's the fastest you're finding out who the best hustler is period Point blank . To find out who's faster both cars go from a dead stop at the same time if you sleep on the light then that's your own fault but chases a race is a hustle

  2. Heads up off a light finds the fastest car.
    Chase is a race finds the best street racer.

    What is this show about again? "Street racing", right? If you want "fastest car", there's NPK or something "not street".

  3. Why have a Flashlight Start if Chase is a Race is Allowed. I believe CIAR cheapens the show and the results. I do not believe we have seen who Truly is the fastest in any CIAR race. When people stop watching they will change it and then JJ and his folks will cry.

  4. America's list is originally the 405 show . JJ and everyone else was invited to participate in the list so in my opinion 405 rules should have been used as it is in the out of town races, it's almost like JJ is trying to take over and make it about him and his group of cheating people. They know if they don't have the chase, they can't win the majority

  5. I completely hate chase is a race there is no way some of the racers would ever win without Chace is a race mostly Memphis i want to see who the best driver the best car the best tuner the guys that can keep their cars going
    Get rid of chase is a race because I may not keep watching if they don't

  6. Chase is a race is CHEATING no matter what you want to call it. And it turns real street racing into Fake street racing no matter what. With chase is a race you can win on Luck ALONE. And when you win on luck that means you Suck at driving and working on cars and you have NO SKILL. Chase is a race is for pathetic losers that know for a fact they SUCK at racing. This is Not my opinion this is just the Truth and it’s not my fault that this is the Truth. And the best part about this Truth is there is Absolutely Nothing Anybody can do to disprove this Ever no matter what because the Truth has Never and can Never be proven wrong. Discover needs to get rid of chase is a race so we can see who is actually the fastest instead of who is the luckiest. You either agree or you are a knowingly lying irrelevant person no matter what. And I don’t reply back to irrelevant people.

  7. F'n JJ crying bout Jeff Lutz cheating with the flashlight… So they got to have a special flagger bias for them WTF….

  8. You might not like it. But the racers like it. Precious is my chief isn’t there chief didn’t shoot it straight with his YouTube video we all know he lies I like Him but facts are facts

  9. MSO is the worst at jumping the start. If they took "Chase is a race" out, MSO could not compete. That does not make it the law of the land. Look at NPK, no "chase is a race" and no MSO, except Axeman, trying to rejoin NPK.

  10. For something like America's list there shouldn't be chase is a race because if your trying to see who the fastest is leave at the same time. It's taking away losing from a red light

  11. chase is a race is a joke and so is the arm drop, JJ does all that because he's a hustler and that benefits his bottom line and that's winning bets.. if you can't race someone strait up then you shouldn't be lining up!

  12. JJ and his bunch have been given their own set of rules! Production is a gaggle of idiots! The drivers don't like it! The fans don't like it! But there is a agenda that Production it trying to shove down or throats! Go woke go broke! Dumb a$$!

  13. I already cancelled my discovery plus subscription if I’m curious I’ll check you tube and skip all the drama but I’ve been enjoying nitro union channel on you tube that some good ole drag racing

  14. The Match and racers agree to the rules. Its on them. I prefer flashlight, however, I like the variety. I just don't like CIAR all the time. Its a Hustle you steal, not win. You don't WIN in chase is a race. NHRA does not hand out a W for Red Lights, right ? CAIR NOT !

  15. The only way to make "chase is a race" feasible is to limit the amount of jumps. 3 jumps and you're out completely! I want to see even, undisputed winners. And NO JUMPS for the top 3 spots.

  16. Seems to me a lot of them adopted it and make conversation about it in the show. Besides I have also seen how they racers are making bets on their own with the racer that jumps losing and paying the bet. It goes to the racers and their will to jump and their ability to handle not chasing the jumper.

  17. All the racers are waging bets to leave on the light but it’s just a matter of time before a racer figured out that the spot is worth loosing $500 to make you opponent think your gonna leave clean and then jump early enough to make them chase

  18. You might want to clarify Sim, most drivers don't like CIAR. It's pretty much only the "Memphis" hillbillys that like CIAR. That way they have a chance because they can red light legally. All the other racers want a straight up even start. Discovery wants it to create drama for ratings, period!!!! They need to get rid of it, it's not real racing!!!!

  19. No I don't like chase is a race, because it's just a street hussle and definitely not a fair way to determine who's the fastest in America.

  20. Chase‘s race is somebody that knows they don’t have enough power to compete that’s why they do chase is a race race heads up Run what you Brong.

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