Shocker is completely destroyed… What happened? An up close look at the damage. Totaled

Shocker is completely destroyed. Here’s exactly what happened, what the plan is for the future, and an up close look at what’s left of the car and the damage is sustained . Totaled. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Videos will be coming at you regularly! Find me on social media also!
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  1. That car was a legend.. you drove that car like it was a part of you bro. I can’t imagine how it feels to lose it . Glad the driver didn’t get hurt. Keep your head up kye!

  2. I'm not going to say I can dive but I just wish I had the chance and money to build my own to do it but the shocker is a bad ass car and it will be back

  3. Audience, she was a beast. She paid for your house, smoking Big Chief's ass with her 60 foot leads. Champions NEVER die, but LIVE on forever… I'm fan Shocker👊🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼🙌🏼.

  4. These guys wreck as much as they race ..Bring it to a race track race in front of a crowd ..street racing has always been bull shit..
    always will be ..I grew up in the 60's raced altered fiat ..look for Ron Capps AA/fuel altered'll get the idea …~~~
    Kye you need new jeans ..~~~

  5. I'm just glad David's ok not gonna lie that video made me tear up
    I've always been a daddy dave fan he's my favorite in the 405 when he barely beat you the first time I said that's a bad dude an ever since I become a fan of you an team NOLA the first street outlaws shirt I purchased was a shocker shirt with many more after it …I'm really sorry kye an I'm glad your able to rebuild wouldn't be the same not ever seeing you In that car again .. good luck to you an lizzy #teamNOLA #thirdgentothefront

  6. Like you said at least the roll cage did what it was supposed to do. It saved the driver's life. It's a hard loss, but could have been worse. Looking forward to Shocker 2.0

  7. That's sucks to see your car like that but hopefully the guy is ok and everything happens like it supposed to maybe it was time for a new shocker

  8. Sorry for your loss man, still remember the first time i seen you on tv. with your "pro mod camaro" just pissin everyone off. But! in the end, it is just a car. fact the roof is wrapped around the cage says it was a pretty solid sum bitch. park it in the front yard and let it shine in all its wauded up glory, yard art.

  9. Man that sucks, glad everyone was ok and walked away. Definitely a hard lesson learned. It sucks bc it’s at your expense but showing a video like this and seeing what type of carnage that may become from a situation might SAVE a life down the road for somebody else. I’m sure people see you guys on tv and an event and think you guys are unstoppable. This might keep people at bay and keep the reality real that this stuff is dangerous no matter what speeds or car setup. Could be a newbie in a civic saying hey I’m going to do a drive by first.
    I’m sure shocker and the crow are up there in race car heaven duking it out already.
    Good advice from another car youtuber TJ Hunt, “keep moving forward”.

  10. "Don't look much like a 3rd Gen anymore." Let's be honest now that we finally got a look it don't look like its been close to a 3rd Gen for a long time. Pro mods pretending to be street racers is just getting old and payhetic

  11. I feel your pain brother I Ben watching you an that car for a long time …. no one wants to see someone wreck an lose a car that is a legend .. like when Chief and Lutz lost there's it socks but in the end they took care of the driver …not JUST a car but a friend an one bad bitch

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