@Shmee150 Ferrari SF90: Scared I'll Damage it on the Nürburging?!

Shmee150 has no chill.

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00:00 Intro
01:11 SHMEE WTF?!
02:09 Rolling to the track
04:20 Lap
12:03 Thoughts after the lap


  1. A rather awkward vibe. The key thing about Tim is… the name says it all: SHHHH! 🤫It's all about MEEE!😁

  2. at 6:30 its pretty stupid by the E36 to go side by side in a yellow, exactly for the reason shown in the video here, now just imagine there beeing bigger debri or even worse a car. Thats what bothers me about touristenfahrten, a lot of people have no understanding for safety of others or it NOT beeing a race but just casual fun.

  3. Watched this purely because of Misha, shmee can kiss our ass, why have a cover on one seat and not the other….pfff once a snob always a snob

  4. Let's start electric. Then when the v8 turns on with zero oil temp just SEND it on the ring.
    Thank you warranty! 🤣

  5. It doesn't take a lot of head scratching to work out why Misha is so p*ssed off. Tim treated him like a dog.

    "You may join me in my lovely new Ferrari, but you're dirty, filthy and not fit to sit on my precious seats. Here, boy🐕 – let me put this cloth under you. Now, don't make a mess, and remember to be jolly grateful that I'm allowing you to accompany me at all…"

    Holy crap, Timbo. That's tactlessness worthy of Trumpholio himself.

    If you'd made a joke of the cream leather's susceptibility to marking and had pointedly sat on an identical cloth to the one you insisted [really?!] Misha use, no harm would have been done. Your guest wouldn't have been made to feel inferior and unclean.

    Dude, you really screwed up.

    If I were Tim I'd be blushing with embarrassment and hastily writing Misha a letter of apology.

  6. shmee would'v needed seat cover for him self if that BMW throw stone & cracked his window.joking though 🙂

  7. Brand new car to him, no wonder he had the seat cover on it. I'm sure it will ease once he has it a few month's.

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