SCARIEST PASS I HAVE EVER MADE! Transmission Exploded Inside The Car Against Daddy Dave at NPK!

SCARIEST PASS I HAVE EVER MADE! Transmission Exploded Inside The Car Against Daddy Dave at NPK!


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  1. That's awesome to rebuild your car again after a wreck and fire and changing to a new combo and going out there beating Daddy Dave. That really shows the effort and the amount of energy and determination that you and your crew have…You must be making Ryan Martin power now to break your driveshaft like that….lol….just a little joke I believe that a lot of people are more scared to run you now…keep safe

  2. Universal joint and or yoke KaBoomed, time to step up in size . Oh that carbon drive shaft was not turned to dust only . Lots of carbon splinter fling around too . LOts of Kye hate > Poor boy .

  3. That's awesome work, your entire team coming together there for you at the end there. Yea if Larry were to think it was unsafe, I'd definitely respect his work, no doubt. Keep on rockin out brother. Much Respect from Orlando! 💪✌️

  4. With your luck in the last couple months it was probably in your best interest to bow out if the yoke wont covered lol, thats too big of a piece to guess where its going at that speed and momentum

  5. I’m glad that you were thinking about your safety. I think it was last season when that happened to Ryan and he decided to put a extra tube closer to the yoke. I think everyone should do that. I’m glad that you didn’t get hurt.

  6. I finally got to see the car in person this past Saturday at beech bend, sounds freaking awesome in person. I don’t watch the TV show, didn’t realize how many cars have screw blowers on them now. Seems like alot.

  7. Didn’t look like the trans case was hurt or came apart to me. I thought it was the yoke or u-joint. The trans body looked untouched even the part of the tail shaft housing we could see looked ok but the end that went under the drive shaft/yoke/u-joint protection strap is were the damage appeared.

  8. Wow . Your safety suit Saved you. Thank God for them thick gloves. People wonder if they are a overkill compared NASCAR. This video shows why safety suits are vital. God bless. Your AWSOME

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