Ryan Martin in Fast Forward!!

In this video we have Ryan Martin who needs no introduction as he has won back to back no prep king championships. It is an remarkable feat to reach as he has beaten all the racers at some point. That is crazy to think that this one racer has beaten everyone in his class. As time goes on Ryan Martin started this season exactly where he left off which is winning. Ryan Martin showed up to bowling green ready to win again. But, with every win Ryan Martin has faced many challenges. This event held at beech bend raceway was no different. It is all the same game plan which is to beat everyone. Not an easy thing to do but when your Ryan Martin, he makes it look easy. Check out this already legend in no prep in action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Like my Daddy Used to Say Son When ya The Best It Feels Good Knowing Ya Are But He Has Great Crew too Don't forget that Just sayin He May Sit in the Seat to Get it ther But the Team got him ther Just sayin

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