rotaries @ street outlaws Sydney australia

Street outlaws Sydneys looks to be a next level event with some of Australia’s fastest cars. The rotors were up against it with some 2000hp plus cars out racing. Burnouts to heat the tyres up were allowed straight pipes and front runners etc. This could be the start of next level racing in Australia. I am definitely looking at sending my #rx4 at the next event🤙

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  1. There’s only two real factory rotary cars R100 and RX2 that gave bogan Holden owners the shits ! By the time the other cars became safety conscious seat belts and brake vacuum boosters and the likes . These two were small beasts thrashed within an inch of their sweet tac’o beeeeeep ing lives

  2. Not sure the track was ideal, not being able to heat those tyres would hurt plenty, so much feathering to get the rotors down the track, it would be wild to see them down the track full belt.

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