Rocky Mountain Race Week 2022 – Day Zero – Race Week Final Prep for El Toro – Drag and Drive

Follow Doug as he gets the trailer back in fighting shape. Ya know, sorta.

Spark plugs are changed, oil and tranny fluid, and we test out the bump to make sure we’re ready.

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  1. What would be even more fun and funny is have those Dropship from Amazon at one of the tracks and replace them because these days do you want to get the buffer out the Sandpaper and the polishing compound or just pay them 60 bucks a piece shipped with bulbs

  2. Do you have an address where we can send stickers? El Tora will be a lot cooler when the last bit of black is completely covered by stickers! it is already pretty damn cool!

  3. Cant wait, its gonna be HOT!
    I'd like a chat with Chad segment where Chad talks about his process of video making and how that's going. Many of us like to film our own trips even if we dont YouTube.

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