Revealing My NEW COLOR On 4000 HP Lexus RC 350 Race Car

Revealing My NEW COLOR On 4000 HP Lexus RC 350 Race Car


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Justin Swanstrom
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  1. Is that mt Dew color if it is I called it 2 years ago. Love it or leave it πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Be safe ✌️ πŸ™ still waiting. CJRC is the man he gets it done that's for sure. Put a flag on the car brother America that's why we can do what we do. That's how a won a swan pack you answered my question about putting a flag on the car 2 years ago.

  2. Have to say you guys are pretty impressive. A lesser team would have folded with all the trouble you've had. Plus the fact that tell fans the real deal cost of racing. I'm now a fan, and see how hard you and the team work!!

  3. About the tool thing, I make my living using tools and will always spend my money on Snap on Matco tools. Those cheap wrenches spread open, fit loose on nuts and bolts, and I prefer having skin on my knuckles.

  4. If you have a WURTH store near you, they do a universal o-ring kit with stock, glue, and jig for cuts. Given now much of your car has weird sized o-rings it may be worth keeping one in the trailer. This isnt a regular o-ring kit, but one capable of replacing those big specialised rings around your blower, or intake ports, or sump? etc.

  5. You're killing it. Very smart color choice for a sponsored race car. If they haven't heard of you before, they'll know the car for sure.

  6. Looks good , sounds good. Looking forward to the next video. Do you not have to do a cam break in , and a cylinder head re torque ? Thanks.

  7. Hey Justin the new color looks awesome, only one other drag race car I've ever seen come close to it and that is Chris Little's drag radial car he's an old school drag radial racer

  8. Never seen a NPK Dragster look So Good! Fantastic color scheme: White blower and black lettering Pops! And you built the whole thing And fired it Up! Favorite Drag team channel! You know how to Win already, Go Ahead!

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