Resurrecting A '67 Camaro From Nightmare To Dream Car – Detroit Muscle S9, E9

New 2022 episode! We pay it forward helping to resurrect a Camaro that is more than just a car for its owner. And we’ll head to Las Vegas to meet some Matco Tools merchants who believe in making a living through giving.

00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Pickup Up The Rescue Vehicle
06:46 – Suspension Upgrade
09:06 – Driveway Drop Off
12:08 – Matco Tool Expo

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Matco Tools: MATCO Tools are the Official Tool Supplier to Detroit Muscle
More Info:

Matco Tools: Matco Tools Expo
More Info: Leaf Springs
More Info: Posi-Unit
More Info: Rear Shocks
More Info:

The Industrial Depot: Tools, Hardware, Shop Supplies


  1. Wow.. the show is less than 22 minutes long, you spend the nearly first 6 minutes flappin' the jaws, around 4 minutes hands-on, and then go straight to a giant ad. Twenty-two minutes I'll never get back.

  2. I'm about half way through the video while I send this. I hoping 🙏 they do not stink bug stace it for the dude. Cool! Looks good 👍

  3. Kind of annoys me when they take a decent part out like this that: a) they don't clean it before working on it and b) don't descale and paint it before putting it back in.

    Might not have that diff out for another 25 years. May as well go back in looking schmick.

    Only an extra hours work to do all of that.

  4. I know what he means about a car like that. I recently got one that i was going to do a full restoration on and then I got hurt at work and needed surgery and i ended up selling it to pay for my surgery. Now i wish i didn't sell cause it took me almost 4 years to find it

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